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I recently lost a relationship that seemed to take a piece of me with it. After this break up I’ve now learned the meaning of the term, ‘Bittersweet.’ It’s the only term I can use to describe how it felt when I finally got the last message from her telling me it was over… when I love you’s turn into fuck you’s.

As I sit in my cell working on my books I can’t help but look out the window while searching for answers about life. I tend to do that a lot, it’s a process I have.

Anyways… I was sitting here realizing how peaceful I felt. Yeah, my tablet ain’t poppin’ as much as it was when I was with her, but real talk, I’m at peace. I’m glad it’s over. So when I hit that conclusion I asked myself what happened. See, I’m a Lifer! I’m in prison, of course I need a woman on the outside for emotional support, right? How did I go from introducing this woman to my children to being glad she was gone?

There was a time in that union when I’d stay up all night texting back and forth with her on this Jpay tablet. Then in the morning when they let me out to work, I’d hurry through it just to get on that phone with her.