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Devils & Demons Part 2

Devils & Demons is a fictional story loosely based on my experiences while getting money in the Dirty South. All my urban novels are psychological thrillers mixed with romance and street lit.



The Game is bitter-sweet for Talton, aka Gangsta. The same West Coast Clique who came to his aid ended up putting bullets into the chest of the woman he had fallen in love with. After leaving his ride or die in a puddle of her own blood, Talton finds himself on a flight back to Oak Park, the neighborhood where it all started…

The is the second installment of the Devils & Demons series. Once again, publishing boss Mike Enemigo and street-lit legend and screenwriter Kwame “Dutch” Teague have collaborated with The Cell Block’s very own hitmaker, King Guru, to bring you this urban saga that promises to have you turning pages till your fingers bleed!


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