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I just received the green light to write the sequel to my book HOW TO HUSTLE AND WIN: SEX, MONEY, MURDER EDITION. It’s great news any time I get an okay from my publisher to start on a book. The thing is, now my mind is totally consumed with the upcoming project.

What this means is that I’ve been doing a lot of introspection lately. See, what a lot of people don’t know about the original ‘How to Hustle’ is that it started out as a letter to my oldest son. It’s kinda like how Future says on his song ‘Trapped in the Sun.’

“That yellow Lambo outside but when I trap in the sun/ that green Farrari outside when I couldn’t make bond/ I gave the plug to my nigga, I gave the GAME to my son…”

When I was in the county jail fighting this murder case my baby mamma would bring Jose to come see me. He was young and full of questions. After a while, a specific topic started coming up more than the others and that’s when I realized my seed was at a crossroads in his life. It seemed like he was looking at the game and it was tugging at his coattail. It was obvious he was on the verge of taking the path of least resistence in life.

If you’ve read HOW TO HUSTLE AND WIN and you don’t understand the mindset behind the essays within its pages you’re probably not reading between the lines. You might even misconscrue the messages and think I’m glorifying the fast life and even assisting or pushing others into it. That’s not what that book is about. Yet, it does teach techniques on how to master the game.

Here’s the thing: Something I know from first hand experience is when a young person makes a decision to hug the block, a father in prison isn’t gonna be able to change that mind. If an individual who’s married to the game picks up a book written by a guy in prison, chances are he’s not gunna take the Rockafella ring off just ’cause I did. So, out of love I decided to write a Machevellian type book for those who aren’t ready to hang up their player’s card or get a 9 to 5.

I ended up writing that book to block monsters. About guns, I told ’em if they had to carry heaters not to take them everywhere they went. If they did they’d end up using them in situations when a firearm wasn’t necessary. To my female readers I warned them about building with bad boys. I cautioned them about the fact that their man would probably end up in prison where they would be hundreds of miles away and the only way they could talk was by spending hundreds of dollars on collect phone calls. Nevertheless, at the same time, I told them if they chose to rock with a rebel they should really stick with ’em even when he’s at his lowest. I tried to teach morals to people living a grimy lifestyle.

So that brings me to this sequel I’m about to start on. Now I need to write about more lessons of the game. And I know I can do it. Even though I’ve been in prison for the last 18 years of my life I’ve experienced a lot of things that I really don’t hear anyone else talking about.

I’m a college student. I’ve taken every self-help program the system offers. I’ve also worked at every job my security level allows me access to. That’s not the whole story, though. I’ve ran it up in this bitch, too! I’ve accumulated a nest egg from revenue generated off the underground prison economy. If you look in my C-File you’ll see write-ups for weapons and phones. I’ve been to the hole for overfamiliarity and all that. The game hasn’t stopped since I’ve been down and I’ve learned a lot from my losses as well as my victories.

Those are the experiences I’ll be writing about when I put pen to paper for this project. If you’re either intrigued by real life prison stories, or you’re actively connected to the shadows of our society I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love the book I’m about to put together.

One thing for certain is you can count on authenticity when you come in contact with my work. That’s my truth!


[Wilberto Belardo writes under the pen name King Guru. He is a best-selling author of books called Pretty Girls Love Bad Boys: An Inmates Guide to Getting Girls and Underworld Zilla. As an incarcerated author serving a sentence of life without parole he has written a number of books with many more to come. If you would like to communicate with King Guru he can be found at Belardo ai4548.]