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Women… I’m not a hater, but I can’t keep quiet about this. You can always make back some money you lost. You will heal from the bruises that come from fights. And you’ll eventually heal from emotional abuse as well. I’m not taking away from the damage that’s done from situations like those. But, I need to emphasize that there is one thing you can’t get back. You will never get back TIME that’s wasted. The world isn’t set up like that. If you’re in a dead end relationship:


[Wilberto Belardo writes under the pen name King Guru. He is a best selling author of books called PRETTY GIRLS LOVE BAD BOYS: AN INMATE’S GUIDE TO GETTING GIRLS and UNDERWORLD ZILLA. As an incarcerated author serving a sentence of life without paroal he has written a number of books with many more to come. If you would like to communicate with King Guru he can be contacted through belardo ai4548.]