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A few things happened this week that I believe will impact the way I see certain things for the rest of my life. I guess you can say I’ve gained a little wisdom this week.

For those of you who are familiar with my books you know I’m the type of person who studies my experiences as well as those of the people around me. That’s how I learn how to navigate through life.

So, it all started with a few books I’ve been reading. My publisher sent me 2 books in the THUG series by Wahida Clark. I’m reading them for research for another project I’ll be working on soon. After reading those books I picked up LIFE AFTER DEATH by Sister Souljah. Both of these authors write from a female’s POV and they’re very good at what they do. Reading their books have given me a sneak peak into the mindset of women who love thugs. Even though I’ve been considered as a thug at one point or another throughout my life I never really spent a lot of time thinking about the females who run with guys like me.

While I was studying these works a female friend of mine tapped in. She was stressed out when she got at me on my tablet. She went in on how tired she is of her baby daddy. She told me that ever since he got released from jail (over a year ago) that he hasn’t got a job and doesn’t do anything productive. That all he does is sit on the couch playing video games with his friends. Not only does he sit at home all day he also monitors all of her movements as well. Then, after she comes home from a hard day of work he begs her for sex. She told him to leave, that she didn’t wanna be with him anymore, but he won’t listen. He won’t go.

That was # 2 of the trifecta I was telling y’all about. The books were #1. Before I tell you bout the third incident I need to comment about the last one. It was a trip to me because I told her that I didn’t feel comfortable speaking on another man and his relationship with his woman. And she told me that she didn’t really want advice. All she wanted was for me to listen.


A’ight, so Mike Enemigo gets at me and tells me about all the books I got coming out this year and the count is up to 7! Yeah! 7 books! Devils and Demons 1-4 Freaky Tales Art of Mac’n and BMF. This is even a surprise to me since I haven’t been keeping track. All I do is work.

That’s the third situation that made everything come together. It made me realize something. It was the trigger for my last epiphany.

Ladies, listen to me: If you got a man whose out there leaching off you, DON’T STAY! It’s not worth it. I know it’s hard for those of you with children especially when he’s the babysitter. But it’s not worth it. If the person you’re with has no drive, no determination don’t drag it on.
It’s not worth it.

I’m literally dying to get out there with y’all just so I can work harder! There’s millions of guys just like me with a hunger inside of them to make something happen with their lives. It’s gross to hear about men who hold women hostage like my homegirl’s man is doing. It’s not what a real man is supposed to do with his freedom.